About Powerhearts

 POWERHEARTS was founded after a promise made by musician Ritchie Newton. Ritchie from Straubing in South Germany has lived in Thailand since the 90s. In 2010 Ritchie's son Rino was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Ritchie did not have the health insurance needed and he did not have the funds for the necessary open heart surgery.

“I had to go public in order to get financial support,” Ritchie remembers well.

In hospital Ritchie promised Rino “If good hearted people give me the money, I will give back 1000 times and help children in need.”

After just 6 weeks Ritchie Newton and his team managed to raise the funds for Rino's life saving operation by reaching out to the public and to the media. He received donations from around the world.

 POWERHEARTS  was born.

After a successful operation Rino could live the life of a normal teenager. For a time Rino's health appeared to have improved. Unfortunately in November 2013 Rino suffered from two strokes from which he did not recover. He was taken care with love for one and a half years. There were up and downs, improvements and times of ill-health until Rino's sudden death on May 30th 2015. 

In Rino's spirit and memory of the little rocker Ritchie Newton will continue to help other children.

R.I.P. RINO  - 08.04.2000 - 30.05.2015